Navigating the Nesting Season

by Mar 8, 2024

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At NorthernArb Tree Services, we’re passionate about the care and preservation of trees and hedges, and equally dedicated to respecting and protecting local wildlife. As spring unfolds and the nesting season commences, homeowners and businesses alike must understand what this season entails, the dos and don’ts regarding tree and hedge maintenance, the need for extra precautions, and the importance of consulting qualified professionals.

What Is the Nesting Season?

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Nesting season in the UK, typically spanning from March to August, is a critical time for birdlife. During these months, birds are at their most active in building nests, laying eggs, and raising their young. This season demands heightened awareness and consideration from anyone involved in tree and hedge maintenance.

Dos and Don’ts During Nesting Season

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What You Can Do

Planning and Observation: Plan any tree or hedge work outside the nesting season. If that’s not possible, a thorough inspection for nests is essential before starting any work.

Minimal Disturbance: If maintenance is unavoidable, ensure it’s done with minimal disturbance to the wildlife.

Professional Consultation: Always seek advice from a professional. At NorthernArb Tree Services we can help determine the best course of action that’s both legal and safe for the birds.

What You Should Avoid

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Disturbing Nests: It’s illegal under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 to disturb bird nests. Avoid any tree or hedge cutting that can harm active nests.

Major Pruning or Felling: Avoid substantial works like heavy pruning or tree felling during this sensitive period.

Taking Extra Precautions

During nesting season, our team takes additional steps to ensure the safety of birdlife. This includes:

Detailed Inspections: Before any work, we conduct detailed inspections to identify any signs of nesting.

Timing Works Carefully: Scheduling work early in the day or season can sometimes help avoid disturbing nests.

Using the Right Equipment: Utilising appropriate tools and techniques to minimise disturbance.

The Importance of Qualified Arborists and Ecologists

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Expertise in Tree Health: Qualified arborists have the expertise to assess the health of trees and perform necessary work without causing undue stress to the tree or its inhabitants.

Legal Compliance: Professionals are knowledgeable about wildlife laws and ensure compliance, avoiding legal repercussions for homeowners or businesses.

Ecologist Collaboration: Sometimes, an ecologist’s input is crucial. They offer specialised advice on protecting wildlife, particularly in complex scenarios or where protected species are involved.

Why Choose Us?

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At NorthernArb Tree Services, we combine our deep knowledge of tree care with a commitment to preserving local ecosystems. Our team, armed with the right skills and a conscientious approach, ensures that your tree and hedge maintenance needs are met responsibly, especially during the sensitive nesting season. If you need a qualified tree surgeon in Blackburn, Darwen or across the Northwest, call our team today.