How to tell if a tree is damaged or diseased?

by Dec 17, 2023

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If you have a tree on your property causing you concern it is always best to contact a NPTC qualified tree surgeon. Northern Arb Tree Services operates across the Northwest covering areas such as Blackburn, Burnley, Manchester, Cheshire, and Lancashire. It is important for your health and safety and the safety of your property to maintain any trees on your premises.

Symptoms of Diseased and Damaged Trees


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Failing to maintain trees properly puts you and your property at serious risk. Therefore, it’s important that you can recognise problems as they arise, as the sooner they are addressed the better the outcome.


Leaning or Tilting

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A sudden lean or tilt in a tree can indicate root damage or soil issues. While some trees naturally lean, a sudden change may be a cause for concern. If you have a tree that is leaning or tilting, send us a photo today for advice.


Cracks in the Trunk

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Longitudinal or horizontal cracks in the trunk may suggest structural weakness. Pay attention to the depth and size of the cracks. If you are unsure why not send us a photograph using our Contact Us form or WhatsApp chat

Cavities or Hollows

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Hollow areas in the trunk or major branches may indicate decay. Use a mallet or your knuckles to gently tap around the trunk and listen for differences in sound, as hollow areas produce a dull thud. This indicates decay in your tree which can be dangerous.


Fungal Growth

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Mushrooms, conks, or other fungal growth on the trunk or around the base of the tree are often signs of decay. Fungi feed on decaying wood. If you notice mushrooms around the tree, it may be time to consider tree removal.


Dead or Falling Branches

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Dead or hanging branches may pose a risk, especially if they are large. Look for signs of dead wood, like brittle bark and lack of leaves. This may not be a sign that the tree needs to be removed, it could be saved with regular maintenance.


Bark Abnormalities

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Peeling, cracking, or missing bark can be indicative of disease or insect infestation. Check for any unusual discolouration or texture changes. If you notice a change in the tree bark, you may want to consider having a tree survey to inspect its condition.


Leaf Irregularities

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Changes in the colour, size, or density of leaves can signal stress or disease. Premature leaf drop or unusual leaf shapes are also signs of potential issues. We can diagnose issues in a tree at early stages, the sooner the problem is identified the better the prognosis.


Root Issues

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Exposed roots, heaving soil, or a noticeable decrease in foliage can be signs of root problems. Soil mounding near the base may indicate root issues below.


Trunk Swelling or Bulging:

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Abnormal swelling or bulging in the trunk may suggest internal decay or disease. We can highlight any issues with a tree survey and put a plan in place to remedy the problem.


Insect Activity

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Presence of insects or insect damage on the tree, such as holes in the trunk or sawdust-like material, may indicate a problem.

Emergency Tree Services Northwest

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If you observe any of these signs, you need to consult with a certified arborist such as the team here at Northern Arb Tree Services. We can assess the tree’s health, provide recommendations, and determine if any action is necessary for the safety of your property and surrounding areas. Furthermore, we offer services such as pruning, or removal should you need remedial work. Regular tree inspections are important for catching issues early and maintaining the overall health of your trees.